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SPERTA Events & Webinars

SPERTA's Success at ECWatec Exhibition 2023
SPERTA and its partner, DEKA, participated in the 17th International Exhibition "ECWatec" in Moscow, Russia.
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SPERTA Seminar: Exploring Membrane Bioreactor Technology
Discover MBR membranes with SPERTA at our seminar and learn about their role in wastewater treatment.
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SPERTA Showcase at Water Philippines Expo 2023
Discover SPERTA's Innovative MBR Membrane Technology at Water Philippines Expo 2023: A Leap Forward in Wastewater Treatment.
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SPERTA Highlights at Jakarta - Indo Water Expo
SPERTA took center stage at the Indo Water Expo on Aug 30th - Sept 1st in Jakarta, Indonesia.
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Client Journeys at SPERTA

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SPERTA - CHINA Leading MBR Membrane Manufacturer

We take pride in being a leading MBR membrane manufacturer from China. Our dedication to excellence has positioned us at the forefront of wastewater treatment solutions. With the introduction of our SPERTA MBR Membrane, we’ve set new benchmarks in efficiency and sustainability. Beyond products, our commitment is to build enduring relationships with our clients. Each solution we provide is meticulously tailored to ensure optimal wastewater management. 

SPERTA MBR Team Founder

Kevin Chen

I'm Kevin, your go-to expert on MBR Membrane technology at SPERTA. With a deep understanding of wastewater treatment, I'm here to share insights that can transform your business processes. Dive into my articles to explore the potential of the SPERTA MBR Membrane and more.