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Sperta Welcomes Islamic Azad University Professors

Sperta Welcomes Islamic Azad University Professors for Collaboration

On August 11th, 2023, Sperta was honored to host two distinguished guests, Dr. Mohammad Ghahderijani and Dr. Jamshid Sabaghzadeh, both professors at Islamic Azad University, Science and Research branch. Their visit aimed to get to know Sperta’s products, the production process as well as the production lines. See how the products are made, and explore potential teamwork, investigating the possibility of obtaining a bilateral scientific and commercial agreement.

Islamic Azad University Professors at SPERTA
Islamic Azad University Professors at SPERTA

Sperta’s team prepared a detailed presentation, showing them our capabilities and the diverse range of products we proudly manufacture, and explaining in detailed information and features of different productions. The professors were introduced to Sperta’s MBR membrane technology and our wastewater treatment solutions.

This visit was not just about business; it was also about sharing culture. Dr. Ghahderijani and Dr. Sabaghzadeh, who are really nice and friendly, brought gifts from Iran to signify friendship and partnership. Sperta’s team also shared some traditional food with them, introduced Chinese culdutre and great sightseeing in Shanghai.

Sperta Welcomes Islamic Azad University Professors
Sperta Welcomes Islamic Azad University Professors

The outcome of the visit was highly promising. Dr. Ghahderijani and Dr. Sabaghzadeh expressed substantial interest in Sperta’s products and technology and the possibilities of working together. It’s a big step towards future collaborations.

Stay updated on Sperta’s journey and potential partnerships by visiting our website at www.spertasystems.com

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Kevin Chen

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