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SPERTA UF 2880 Ultrafitration Membrane

SPERTA UF-2880 Membrane (SPF-2880 Equivalent)

Sperta UF-2880 ultrafiltration membrane is the equaivalent membrane to SPF-2880 in terms of performance and quality, it is made from hydrophilic modified PVDF material, it boasts exceptional strength and durability. It is designed to meet various water treatment needs and is widely used in municipal water treatment, industrial wastewater treatment, and water reuse applications. Its excellent anti-fouling properties and stable filtration performance make it an ideal choice for demanding environments.

Designed for seamless substitution of SPF-2880

Fully compatible with DOW SPF-2880

Direct replacement, no additional modifications needed

Seamless integration into existing systems

Maintains performance standards

Reduces downtime and installation costs

SPERTA UF 2880 Ultrafitration Membrane V

SPERTA UF-2880 Membrane Parameter



Effective Membrane Area

77 m²

Membrane Material


Housing Material


Clamps Material


Potting Material

Epoxy Resin


2,360 mm( 92.9 inch) 


225 mm (8.9 inch)

Membrane Inner/ Outer Diameter

0.7 / 1.3 mm

Average Pore Size

0.03 µm

Design Flux

60~120 L/m2·h

Filtration Mode


Operation Model

Dead-end flow or Cross-flow

Advantages of the SPERTA UF-2880
Ultrafiltration Membrane

SPERTA UF 2880 Ultrafitration Membrane IV
SPERTA UF 2880 Ultrafitration Membrane VI

High Strength and Durability: The PVDF material ensures high mechanical strength and resistance to chemical degradation. Regardless of harsh environmental conditions, SPERTA UF-2880 ultrafiltration membrane can operate stably and provide long-lasting filtration performance.

Superior Anti-fouling Properties: The hydrophilic modification and outside-in flow configuration minimize fouling and ease maintenance, extending the membrane’s lifespan. Even in highly polluted water conditions, it maintains high filtration efficiency.

Consistent Performance: Uniform pore size distribution ensures reliable filtration and high-quality permeate. In any application, SPERTA UF-2880 ultrafiltration membrane delivers consistent filtration performance.

Versatile Use: Suitable for a wide pH range and diverse applications, from water treatment to biopharmaceutical processes. Whether it’s municipal water treatment, industrial wastewater treatment, or food and beverage separation and concentration, SPERTA UF-2880 offers excellent performance.

Easy Maintenance: Simple and effective cleaning protocols, including water and air backwashing, extend the membrane’s operational life and reduce maintenance costs. Even under high-load conditions, it can be easily maintained to ensure stable system operation.

With its high strength, superior anti-fouling properties, consistent filtration performance, and versatile applications, SPERTA UF-2880 ultrafiltration membrane is ideal for water treatment and industrial use. Easy maintenance reduces costs and enhances system reliability and efficiency.

SPERTA UF-2880 Performance Parameters

Initial flux of pure water (25℃ 0.1MPa)


Turbidity of water production





no detected

Design flux(20℃, 0.1MPa)


Max. Transmembrane Pressure


Working temperature


PH range


Operating method

Dead-end or cross-flow filtration

Control type

Constant flux

Operating pressure

0.03~0.15 Mpa

Backwash Pressure


How to Maintenance and Clean the UF Membrane?

1. Regular Backwash Procedure

Regular backwashing removes contaminants from the membrane surface through reverse water and air flow. This process typically includes the following steps:


UF Membrane Air Scour Step
I. Air Scour Step for Ultrafiltration Membrane

•Air Scour: Introduce oil-free air from the bottom of the membrane module to loosen and remove particles attached to the membrane surface. Air flow rate: 8-12Nm³/h, duration: 20-60 seconds.

UF Membrane Gravity Drain Step
II. Gravity Drain for Ultrafiltration Membrane

•Gravity Drain: Use gravity to remove loosened contaminants.

UF Membrane Backwash Top Step
III. Top Backwash for Ultrafiltration Membrane

•Top Backwash: Pump filtered water from inside the fibers to the outside to remove accumulated substances. Backwash flow rate: 60-100 L/m²/h, duration: 30-90 seconds.

UF Membrane Backwash Bottom Step
IV. Bottom Backwash for Ultrafiltration Membrane

•Bottom Backwash: Continue the reverse water flow to remove residuals from the bottom of the fibers. Backwash flow rate: 60-100 L/m²/h, duration: 30-90 seconds.

UF Membrane Forward Flush Step
V. Forward Flush for Ultrafiltration Membrane

•Forward Flush: Use feed water to flush the system, removing remaining solids and air. Flow rate same as backwash, duration: 20-60 seconds.

Backwash Cycle:

Perform backwashing every 20-60 minutes. Adjust the exact timing based on actual operating conditions and feed water quality.


2. Chemically Enhanced Backwash (CEB)

Chemically enhanced backwash improves cleaning effectiveness by adding chemicals to the backwash process. The steps are as follows:


Chemical Addition: Choose the appropriate chemical agents based on the type of foulant, such as chlorine, acid, or base.

Sodium Hypochlorite (NaClO): 10-15 ppm or add 1-5 ppm in feed water.

Acid Cleaning (Hydrochloric or Citric Acid): 500-1000 ppm, adjust pH to 2.

Alkaline Cleaning (Sodium Hydroxide): 0.05% sodium hydroxide (pH=10) + 0.1% sodium hypochlorite.

Soaking Step: Allow the chemicals to react with contaminants by soaking for 5-20 minutes.

Intermittent Air Scour: Apply air scour intermittently during soaking to increase effectiveness.

Routine Backwash: After soaking, perform a standard backwash to remove particulates and purge residual chemicals.


Perform chemically enhanced backwash every 3-7 days. Adjust the exact timing based on actual operating conditions and feed water quality.


3. Clean-In-Place (CIP) Procedure

When backwashing and CEB are insufficient to restore membrane performance, CIP is a thorough cleaning method. The steps are as follows:


Pre-Cleaning Backwash: Perform a routine backwash to remove loose contaminants.

Chemical Circulation: Circulate cleaning solution through the membrane at controlled flow rates and temperatures.

Inorganic Fouling (e.g., Calcium Carbonate, Iron Salts): 0.1-0.3% hydrochloric acid or 1% citric/oxalic acid solution.

Organic Fouling (e.g., Fats, Humic Acids): 0.1-0.3% sodium hydroxide solution.

Microbial Fouling (e.g., Bacteria, Viruses): 0.2-0.5% hydrogen peroxide or 1000-3000 ppm sodium hypochlorite solution.

Chemical Dosage:

Sodium Hypochlorite (NaClO): 10-15 ppm or add 1-5 ppm in feed water.

Acid Cleaning (Hydrochloric or Citric Acid): 500-1000 ppm, adjust pH to 2.

Alkaline Cleaning (Sodium Hydroxide): 0.05% sodium hydroxide (pH=10) + 0.1% sodium hypochlorite.

Soaking: Allow the cleaning solution to soak in the membrane module to break down contaminants. Soaking time generally ranges from 30 minutes to several hours.

Final Rinse: Thoroughly rinse the membrane module with clean water to remove all cleaning agents and dislodged contaminants.

Cleaning Process Time Control

•Backwash Cycle: Perform backwashing every 20-60 minutes, each cycle lasting 30-90 seconds.

Chemically Enhanced Backwash: Perform chemically enhanced backwash every 3-7 days.

Clean-In-Place: When the transmembrane pressure (TMP) increases by 1.0 bar (under the same temperature) or the permeate flux decreases by 20% (under the same feed pressure), CIP cleaning is required.


4. Maintenance Tips

Monitor System Performance: Regularly check TMP, flux, and permeate quality to detect early signs of fouling.

Use High-Quality Chemicals: Ensure the use of high-quality, compatible chemicals for CEB and CIP to avoid membrane damage.

Regular Maintenance: Perform backwashing, CEB, and CIP according to a routine schedule based on feed water quality and system performance.

Inspection and Replacement: Regularly inspect the membrane modules and replace them if necessary to maintain optimal performance.

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SPERTA UF Membrane Experience Worldwide

Explore the feedback from our valued clients. Each testimonial reflects the unique benefits and improvements observed after integrating the SPERTA UF Membrane. See how SPERTA UF Membrane is making a significant impact across various industries and regions.


At the end of the oil-refinery wastewater treatment process, we needed a large number of UF membranes to replace the existing old plant. Not only did SPERTA meet our urgent needs and deliver the UF membranes in a very short time, but we were also impressed with the quality of their products. Their prompt and reliable service has greatly contributed to the smooth operation of our plant.

Mr. Alexander

project director, dalos - Russia

We replaced the aged UF Membrane in our system. The transition was impressively smooth. We encountered no issues during installation, and it integrated seamlessly into our existing setup. Since the switch, SPERTA UF membrane has maintained the high standards of water treatment we require. It’s reassuring to know that we can rely on such a dependable and efficient solution.

Mr. Nguyen



SPERTA team provided exceptional support, ensuring a seamless transition, and significantly boosting our treatment process. The SPERTA membrane stands out as a reliable and superior upgrade for our wastewater management.

Mr. Pineda

CEO, Ken Engineering Services - The Philippines

We effortlessly switched our systems to SPERTA UF-2880 ultrafitration Membranes, finding them to be a perfect match for DOW SPF-2880. The immediate improvement in our treatment processes was evident. It’s clear that the SPERTA UF membrane is an excellent analog, meeting our rigorous standards for water quality and efficiency.

Mr. Niko

GM, CTK-EURO - Russia


FAQs About SPERTA UF-2880 Membranes

Sperta has been wholesaling MBR Membranes for 12 years and we have encountered all kinds of problems, here are the most important concerns of our customers before closing the deal.

Where can I purchase the UF-2880 membrane?

You can purchase the UF-2880 membrane directly from us, ship from China, or through authorized distributors locally.

Is there a warranty for the UF-2880 membrane?

Yes, the UF-2880 membrane comes with a standard warranty. Please contact our sales to get the warranty policy for more details.

Can I get technical support for installing the UF-2880 membrane?

Of course, we provide technical support for installation and maintenance. Contact our customer service for assistance.

What is the lead time for ordering UF-2880 membranes?

The lead time varies based on order quantity and location. Typically, it takes 3-8 weeks for delivery.

Are there bulk purchase discounts available?

Yes, we offer discounts for bulk purchases. Contact our sales team for more information.

SPERTA UF 2880 Ultrafitration Membrane

How do I check the compatibility of the UF-2880 with my existing system?

The UF-2880 is designed to be fully compatible with DOW SPF-2880 systems. If you have further compatibility concerns, please consult our technical support team.

Do you provide training for operating the UF-2880 membrane?

Yes, we offer training sessions and manuals for operating and maintaining the UF-2880 membrane. Contact us for more details.

What is the payment terms?

We can accept T/T, L/C, Western Union, Paypal, cryptocurrency and so on. For new customers, we only accept the 30% T/T of the payment, or if you have been with us for years and run into cash flow pressure, we do offer OA credit. 

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