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TES Visiting SPERTA Shanghai Office I

Strengthening Partnerships: TES Company Visits SPERTA Shanghai Office

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Shanghai, November 6, 2023 – SPERTA was honored to welcome the representatives from TES Company, SPERTA’s distributor in Vietnam, to the Shanghai office. This visit marked an important step towards forging deeper collaborative ties between the two companies.

TES Company: TES Company, based in Vietnam, is a renowned water treatment engineering firm with a strong local presence. They specialize in delivering innovative water treatment solutions, making them a key player in the Vietnamese market.

The visit was not just a formal interaction but a fruitful exchange of ideas and strategies. The delegates’ visit aimed to bolster the existing partnership between SPERTA and TES Company, laying the foundation for more significant endeavors in the future.

TES Visiting SPERTA Shanghai Office II
TES Visiting SPERTA Shanghai Office

During the visit, the teams from SPERTA and TES Company engaged in extensive discussions on MBR (Membrane Bioreactor) membrane technology. This exchange of knowledge and insights served as a platform for mutual learning, ensuring that both parties stayed at the forefront of technological advancements in the water treatment industry.

One of the pivotal outcomes of the meeting was the formulation of strategic cooperation goals for the year 2024. These goals are set to drive the partnership forward, bringing innovative water treatment solutions to Vietnam and beyond.

TES Visiting SPERTA Shanghai Office III
TES Visiting SPERTA Shanghai Office

The partnership between SPERTA and TES Company continues to flourish, with both companies dedicated to providing sustainable and high-quality water treatment solutions. This visit further solidified their commitment to delivering cutting-edge water treatment solutions that align with Google’s guidelines for clear, organized, and informative content.

For more information about TES Company Vietnam and SPERTA, please visit their respective websites or contact their contact representatives.

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