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How Much is the MBR Membrane?

How Much is the MBR Membrane?

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Last Updated on July 24, 2022 by Kevin Chen

The MBR membrane is widely used in various sewage treatments. It has led to many MBR membrane brands on the market. Many people are wondering how much is the MBR membrane? This article will give you a brief introduction to the MBR price.

How Much is the MBR Membrane?

There are 2 types of MBR membrane: hollow fiber and flat sheet MBR membrane. They have different structures, different functions, and different prices. For example, the Japanese brand: TORAY hollow fiber MBR price per square meter is about 45USD, and the price for flat sheet MBR membrane is about 65USD per square meter.
In addition, when calculating the MBR membrane price, the MBR frame cost might be included. Because MBR membranes are not like ultrafiltration membranes and reverse osmosis membranes, they can be installed directly. The MBR membrane needs to design a suitable membrane frame according to the size, area, and size of the membrane. Therefore, it is ensured that the MBR membrane can run smoothly and effectively. The material chosen for the frame will also affect the price.

How much is the MBR membrane?

What Affects the Price of the MBR Membrane?

  1. Branding Effect.
    The more famous a brand is, the more people use it, and the more expensive it is. Especially for a brand with a stable market share, its price tends to fluctuate and rise.
  2. Quality
    The determinants of the product quality of MBR membrane include membrane area, design flux, membrane material, filtration accuracy, operating temperature, oil content, chemical cleaning cycle, backwash pressure, sludge concentration, etc. Small parameter adjustments can make a big difference in the final MBR membrane filtration results.
  3. Supply and demand
    When a type of MBR membrane has wide coverage in the market and there is a lot of customer demand for MBR membrane, the price of this MBR membrane will probably go up under the premise that the supply exceeds the demand.
  4. Design
    The design process of the MBR membrane includes not only the design of the mbr membrane itself but also the design of the membrane frame and the design of the entire MBR filtration system. The more complex the process, the better the water quality or, the higher the degree of automation. Accordingly, the price will be higher.
  5. Transportation Cost
    The freight can also be counted in the cost of the MBR membrane. The farther the distance, the more expensive the cargo and cause the higher cost of the MBR membrane.
How much is the MBR membrane?

How to Choose the Most Suitable MBR Membrane?

  1. Choose according to the water quality. You can choose a relatively cheap MBR membrane if the water quality is good. If the water quality is poor and the treatment difficulty is high, you can select the MBR membrane with a slightly higher price and excellent quality.
  2. Choose according to production water requirements. Different MBR membrane systems have different requirements for water production. Some factories need to meet the discharge standard, and some need to meet the secondary utilization standard. Different standards have different corresponding prices.
  3. According to the company’s size, since the MBR membrane system is a long-term operation system, to improve the operating efficiency and the service life of the membrane elements, it is best to choose the MBR membrane produced by its manufacturer and qualified manufacturer.

The above is the introduction of how much the MBR membrane is. With the continuous development of technology, SPERTA MBR membrane elements have gradually occupied more and more markets. It is also a good choice to choose SPERTA MBR.

Shanghai SPERTA Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. has specialized in producing water treatment products for many years. The company has its own MBR membrane technology, a complete technical team, and pre-sales and after-sales service. If you have any needs or other related questions, don’t hesitate to contact SPERTA.

Kevin Chen

Kevin Chen

Hi, I'm the author of this post and have been in this field for over 5 years. If you have questions regarding the MBR membrane products or want to purchase the MBR membrane, please feel free to contact me by email. kevin@spertasystems.com

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