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What is An MBR Package Plant III

What Is An MBR Package Plant?

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MBR, also known as Membrane Bio-Reactor, is a new type of water treatment technology that combines a membrane separation unit with a biological treatment unit. The MBR Package plant is mainly composed of two parts: bioreactor and MBR membrane module. In addition, there are also components such as the tank, aeration system, pump, pipeline and spear parts like valves.

What is An MBR Package Plant II

Working Principle

MBR Package Plant uses MBR membrane separation technology to retain the activated sludge and macromolecular organic matter in the biochemical reaction tank, no need for a secondary sedimentation tank. Therefore, the activated sludge concentration is greatly improved, the hydraulic retention time (HRT) and sludge retention time (SRT) can be controlled separately, and the refractory substances are continuously reacted and degraded in the reactor.

What is An MBR Package Plant III

MBR Package Plant parameters

The core component of the SPERTA MBR package plant is the membrane bioreactor, which is mainly aimed at small and medium-sized sewage treatment projects with a daily sewage discharge of less than 2,000m3/d.

MBR package plant can flexibly configure the process flow according to the raw water quality, so that the equipment has a wide range of applicability, and can treat domestic sewage, hospital sewage treatment, industrial wastewater, etc. to meet the discharge standards.

MBR package plant mainly includes the following five units
(1) Regulating tank (2) Biological Tank (3) MBR Tank(4) Clearwater tank (5) Equipment room:

Regulating tank
The regulating tank is mainly to adjust the quantity and quality of sewage. The general volume recommendation is 35%-40% of the daily processing capacity. It is recommended that customers build the regulating tank(steel-concrete structure) by themselves, and can also be included in the complete set of equipment.

Biological Tank (Anaerobic Tank)

As a pre-treatment unit, the anoxic tank mainly plays the following roles: 

  1. It provides a place for denitrification, and the nitrate-nitrogen produced by the nitrification process is fully converted into nitrogen gas.
  2.  It is the decomposition of macromolecular organic matter into small molecules under the action of hydrolase. Improving sewage biodegradability.

Aerobic Tank(MBR Tank)
In the aerobic tank (DO, 2-4mg/L), Ammonia Nitrogen (NH3-N) in the water undergoes a nitrification reaction to generate nitrate, and at the same time, the organic matter in the water is oxidized and decomposed to supply phosphorus-absorbing microorganisms with energy, and the microorganisms absorb phosphorus from the water. Phosphorus enters cell tissues, is enriched in microorganisms, and is discharged from the system in the form of phosphorus-rich sludge after precipitation and separation.

Equipment room
The equipment room is the place where the electromechanical equipment is placed. The equipment room is equipped with blower, suction pump, PLC control cabinet, and UV disinfection equipment.

Advantages Of The MBR Package Plant

Advantage 1: The MBR package plant can be fully automated. Compared with the traditional process, the management difficulty and management risks are significantly reduced, and the stable operation of the equipment is ensured.

Advantage 2: The quality of the effluent is excellent and can be directly reused.

Advantage 3: Small footprint and save civil construction investment. The MBR treatment process can save 20%-30% of the floor space.

Advantage 4: The discharge of excess sludge is greatly reduced. The sludge is trapped in the tank by the MBR membrane, and there is sufficient time for the reaction. The organic matter that constitutes the sludge can be fully degraded into carbon dioxide and water, so the excess sludge output is extremely low.

Advantage 5: The UV disinfection process – safe and efficient. The turbidity of the effluent from the MBR process is almost zero, and UV disinfection can be used to ensure that the bacteriological indicators of the sewage meet the discharge requirements, and at the same time save the cost of purchasing disinfectants.

Advantage 6: The equipment is made of high-quality materials, with long service life and a continuous running time of up to 70,000 hours. SPERTA provides lifetime maintenance services.


This article provides an overview of the MBR package plant and what it does. If you are looking for an overview of MBR package plants, this is the article for you. If you are interested in this topic, please like, follow, and comment to show your support. If you need MBR membranes, please feel free to contact us. We would be happy to provide our MBR Package Plants for you.

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