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Parameter of Suez Zeeweed 500D

Parameter of Suez Zeeweed 500D Membrane

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Introduction to Suez Zeeweed 500D MBR Membrane

The Suez Zeeweed 500D membrane bioreactor (MBR) is a key component in modern wastewater treatment technology. Known for its efficiency and reliability, the Suez 500D MBR membrane offers a compact and advanced solution for municipal and industrial wastewater treatment. This technology is designed to meet strict discharge standards while facilitating water reuse.

Suez Zeeweed 500D Membrane I

Pore Size

The pore size of the Suez Zeeweed 500D membrane is 0.04 micrometers (µm). This ultrafiltration membrane effectively removes suspended solids, bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens from wastewater, ensuring high-quality effluent suitable for various reuse applications. The small pore size is crucial for achieving the high level of filtration required for advanced wastewater treatment processes.

Suez Zeeweed 500D Membrane II

Fiber Diameter

The fiber diameter of the Suez 500D membrane is 1.9 mm for the outer diameter and 0.8 mm for the inner diameter. Due to applying a glycerin protective layer on its surface, there may be a variance of ±0.1 mm in the outer diameter. The glycerin coating protects the membrane for a more extended period of stock. 

Suez Zeeweed 500D Membrane III

Surface Membrane Area

The Suez Zeeweed 500D Membrane offers a variety of membrane area options to accommodate different wastewater treatment capacities and system sizes. The membrane areas for the Suez 500D models are 31.6 m², 34.4 m², 40.9 m², and 27.9 m². Specifically, the model with a membrane area of 27.9 m² has dimensions of 1835 mm in length, 844 mm in width, and 49 mm in thickness. The other three models, with membrane areas of 31.6 m², 34.4 m², and 40.9 m², share the exact dimensions of 2198 mm in length, 844 mm in width, and 49 mm in thickness. This range of sizes and membrane areas allows for flexible integration into various system configurations, ensuring that the Suez Zeeweed 500D can meet the specific needs of different wastewater treatment projects.

ModelZW 500D
Effective area m² (ft²)40.9 (440)34.4 (370)31.6 (340)27.9 (300)
Size: H*L*W(mm)2,198*844*492,198*844*492,198*844*491,835*844*49
Zeeweed 500D Model List
Suez Zeeweed 500D Membrane VII

Technical Comparison: Suez Zeeweed 500D vs. Sperta 500D

Sperta 500D as an equivalent MBR membrane to the Suez 500D. Both products share identical specifications and performance features, allowing for a direct replacement. This means that users looking to upgrade or replace their existing Suez 500D systems can do so with the Sperta 500D without adjusting or modifying their setup. The seamless compatibility between the two membranes ensures a smooth transition, maintaining operational efficiency and system reliability.

ModelZeeweed 500DSPERTA 500D
Nominal surface area31.6/34.4/40.9m231.6/34.4/40.9m2
Size2,198*844*49 mm2,198*844*49 mm
ApplicationSubmersible MBRSubmersible MBR
Membrane MaterialReinforced PVDFReinforced PVDF
Pore Size0.04 µm0.04 µm
Fiber diameter (outer / inner)Non-ionic, hydrophilicNon-ionic, hydrophilic
Surface Properties1.9 mm / 0.8 mm2.0 mm / 0.9 mm
Flow PathOutside InOutside In
TMP Range-55 to 55 kPa-55 to 55 kPa
Max. Operating Temp.40 ˚С40 ˚С
Operating pH Range5.0 to 9.55.0 to 9.5
Comparison of Suez Zeeweed 500D MBR Membrane to Sperta 500D MBR Membrane

Why Choose Sperta 500D as Your Suez Zeeweed 500D Replacement?

Choosing Sperta 500D as a replacement for the Suez Zeeweed 500D membrane comes with several advantages. Firstly, the Sperta 500D is designed to offer a direct fit replacement, minimizing system downtime and retrofitting costs. Additionally, Sperta 500D membranes may provide enhanced fouling resistance and longer service life, leading to reduced operational costs and improved system reliability. The commitment to quality and customer support from Sperta further ensures that transitioning to Sperta 500D is a smooth and beneficial process for wastewater treatment facilities.

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