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What are the Components of the MBR Membrane

What are the Components of the MBR Membrane?

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MBR Membrane Bioreactor has been very popular in the wastewater treatment industry these years. One of its advantages is its high efficiency. If you are curious about the components of the MBR membrane, pls continue reading. The below article will explain what are their components.

MBR Membrane Material

MBR membranes are commonly made of PVDF or PTFE. The reason we chose these materials based on their long life span and their resistance to severe wastewater treatment conditions.

Membrane Type

There are various choices in MBR membrane types, but the two most common types are flat fiber and hollow fiber. Flat sheet membranes seem like sheets of paper, but hollow fiber membranes are made up of little tubes. The configuration used depends on the application and the available space.

Support Structure

A robust support structure is essential to maintain the integrity of the MBR membrane. This structure holds the membrane in place and prevents damage. And it also can ensure effective filtration of MBR membrane.

Aeration System

Aeration is vitally important in MBR systems. It encourage the growth of beneficial microorganisms and scouring the membrane surface to prevent fouling by introducing air.  MBR’s efficacy is enhanced through this procedure.

Cleaning Mechanisms

Cleaning the MBR membrane is very important to maintain its performance. The two most common types of cleaning are backwashing and chemical cleaning. This cleaning can effectively remove dirt that accumulates on the surface of the MBR membrane.

Monitoring and Control

There are two integral parts of MBR operations, one is effective monitoring and the other is control systems. Both systems allow parameters such as flow rate, pressure, and membrane plugging. It can continuously monitor and adjust MBR as required. It also ensures that the membrane functions optimally.

Is MBR Membrane Choice Critical for Wastewater Treatment?

It is widely acknowledged that selecting the appropriate MBR membrane is critical for treating effluent. Material selection, configuration, and support structure must conform to the particular requirements of the application. For example, PVDF MBR membranes has chemically resistance. It is highly resistant to harsh chemical environments. In addition, increasing the life of MBR film can make it adapt to high stress environment.

What Makes Hollow Fiber MBR Membranes Unique?

Due to their effective filtration capabilities and large surface area, hollow fiber MBR membranes have become increasingly popular. Because their compact design permits the packing of more film into a smaller area, they are especially effective in applications with limited space. Such an outcome obviates the necessity for substantial expansions while simultaneously augmenting treatment capacity. Without requiring the instrument to be scaled up, this results in an increased treatment capacity.

Who Are the Leading MBR Membrane Manufacturers?

Before searching MBR membranes for a wastewater treatment project, it is important to choose reputable manufacturers. Have you ever heard of Suez, Mitsubishi, and SPERTA? These three are well-known manufacturers. They offer a variety of MBR membranes. If you need an MBR Membrane but don’t know how to choose one, they can help you choose the right system components and provide insightful guidance.


In summary, understanding the composition of MBR membranes can be a feasible way to improve the efficiency of wastewater treatment procedures. The choice of membrane material, configuration, support structure, aeration system, cleaning mechanism, and monitoring system directly influences the efficacy of MBR technology. The right components and manufacturers make wastewater remediation more effective. Additionally, organizations may obtain uniform guidelines from the SPERTA website.

Kevin Chen

Kevin Chen

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